Walmart and World Vision: Empowering men and women with life skills

Walmart and the Walmart Foundation’s partnership with World Vision began in 2005 after the Indian Ocean tsunami in December 2004, which claimed hundreds of thousands of lives across South Asia.

When Walmart associates raised $5,000 to donate to World Vision relief efforts, the Walmart Foundation chose to add its support by multiplying their gift with a $500,000 grant.

Following several more grants and product donations, in 2013 the Walmart Foundation selected World Vision to participate in its Women in Factories (WIF) program, which is part of the company’s global Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative (WEEI).

The WIF program seeks to train both male and female factory workers in Central America as part of the company’s commitment to promote flourishing work environments for factory workers around the world.

World Vision

Together, World Vision and the Walmart Foundation are providing training for 9,100 men and 21,900 women in factories in Honduras and El Salvador, helping them build skills in personal finance, nutrition, and speaking and negotiating in the workplace.

The result has been newfound confidence as women in particular learn they have a voice at work and at home — leading to greater productivity, career readiness, and the ability to contribute even more to their families and communities.

Through the WIF program, World Vision has been able to apply its expertise in empowering women, adding value in professional environments.

As women thrive in all areas of life, their success translates to the marketplace, ensuring a stronger, more productive workforce for the entire manufacturing sector.

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