P&G and World Vision: Saving lives through clean water

Procter & Gamble, the world’s largest producer of consumer goods, is committed to bringing health and hope to communities by providing the most basic human need — clean drinking water. A strongly aligned partnership with World Vision has helped position P&G to deliver on a commitment to save a life every hour.

What began in 2007 as a small-scale project in rural Malawi has developed into a dynamic, strategic partnership. P&G and World Vision have worked together to deliver access to clean water in 34 countries through P&G water purification packets — a low-cost, easy-to-implement technology that cleanses water of life-threatening contaminants.

And in 2013, P&G and World Vision committed to their largest joint effort to date, bringing 180 million liters of clean water to seven countries in West Africa.

“Let me say how grateful I am to both P&G, one of the greatest companies in the world in terms of its responsibilities to society…and to World Vision, one of the great treasures of NGOs…The fact that they’re doing this together means a lot to me.”
—President Bill Clinton

One of P&G’s leading partners in its Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program, World Vision uses P&G packets as an immediate solution to the critical need for clean water as it scales up long-term water solutions, providing water to people living in conflict zones, disaster areas, and communities where sustainable water interventions are not yet available.

As the program has accelerated, so has public awareness. Chelsea Clinton visited P&G and World Vision’s clean water projects in Myanmar and Rwanda to celebrate the 6 billionth liter of water provided since P&G launched the program.

President Bill Clinton joined Chelsea in Rwanda (pictured above), and their support has generated widespread international news coverage, raising awareness of the need for clean water.

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