Group + World Vision

Highlights of World Vision's partnership with Group:

  • Group's Vacation Bible School programs have enabled children in North America to fund World Vision's work in malaria prevention and clean water initiatives in Africa and India.
  • Due to a grant match with Coca-Cola, Group's donations supporting water, sanitation, and hygiene programs in India have double the impact.
  • More than 400,000 bednets have been distributed in Africa.
  • Operation Kid-to-Kid is one of the world's largest service outreach programs for children, providing World Vision with needed product donations like school supplies, blankets, and more.


Group Cares, through its partner Group publishing, rallied children all over North America through Operation Kid-to-Kid, Group’s Vacation Bible School effort to encourage kids to give in order to help other kids in need.

“This project has been very fulfilling on two fronts: One, because access to clean water drastically improves the lives of over 300,000 children; and two, it shows the power of one child caring for another.”
—Tim Gilmour, President, Group Cares

Together, enough funds were raised to provide clean water to over 300,000 school children in India. Access to clean water for drinking, wash stations, and restrooms can prevent kids from becoming ill, missing school, and contracting life-threatening diseases.

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