Disaster Relief Giving


Your business and employees want to help when disaster strikes. You also want to support causes that matter to your core audience.


Our team is ready to respond to disasters around the world and can create easy-to-use, co-branded fundraising pages where your employees can donate together.


Through our partnership, we can get critically needed funds to those who need it most, while rallying your business around a cause you care about.

World Vision's local presence, relief expertise, and disaster preparedness affords us the opportunity to respond within 24 to 72 hours of a disaster, in any region around the globe. World Vision's Global Response Team is comprised of skilled professionals who work alongside local staff to conduct rapid assessments and determine which interventions are most needed and where, and begin to develop a response plan.

Disasters are complex, and World Vision partners with other relief agencies and local leaders to determine appropriate courses of action. Staff also coordinates with other organizations and agencies to limit duplication of efforts and ensure needs are met.

Partner Success Stories

Verizon and P&G support relief efforts in Nepal

On April 25, a 7.8 earthquake wreaked havoc on the people of Nepal, causing approximately 8,600 deaths and even more devastation. A mere two weeks after the initial quake, an aftershock of 7.3 rumbled through the valleys of Nepal, resulting in even more disruption. Read more...

Royal Caribbean supports World Vision’s disaster response in Philippines

In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan in November 2013, World Vision launched one of our largest relief operations in the Philippines, mobilizing staff across the country to respond to nearly 400,000 people affected. Read more...

We can create a disaster relief giving page for your company now, and have it ready to go when the next disaster strikes.

It can be so satisfying to do something when an emergency affects so many people. Engaging your employees with a corporate giving campaign is an effective and rewarding way to make a difference. And we've taken care of the details. With our Corporate Fundraising Pages (click on the thumbnail image to view a sample), we can partner with you to make an impact by responding to disasters quickly and efficiently. 

Have questions? We’ve got answers!

Yes, absolutely! We can customize your co-branded giving site with your own logo, photo, and text.

Anyone you send the link to can donate securely via credit card. Invite others to give with our easy-to-use, full social media integration.

We take secure donations very seriously and make sure our online giving options are as safe as possible.

Become a disaster relief partner.