Cause Marketing

Partnering for good

Meeting your corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals while increasing customer loyalty, solidifying your brand, and growing your business isn’t as difficult as it might seem. World Vision offers a suite of cause marketing programs to help you do just that. Our partnership offers:

  • A longstanding track record with over 400 companies and presence in the top six major markets in the United States.
  • Leverage of our brand and media assets and constituent intelligence, valued at over $2.4 million.
  • Impact stories from both here and abroad to inspire your customers.

Together, we can co-create a cause marketing program to enhance your brand, maximize your business, and build customer affinity, while helping children in need and their families in the United States and abroad.

Cause marketing partners:

  • Camano Island Management
  • Furniture Row
  • AC Moore
  • Premier Yarns

Partner Success Stories

Gaming app company ZiMAD launches puzzles for a purpose

Who knew you could help solve the puzzle of poverty while playing a puzzle game on your smartphone? ZiMAD, the creators of the Magic Jigsaw Puzzles game app, had an inkling in late 2015 that it could happen. Read more.

Bartell Drugs kicks off seasonal promotion by giving back

As thousands of students geared up to head back to school, hundreds of Bartell Drugs employees and customers around Western Washington ramped up their efforts to give many of them the tools they need to succeed. Read more...

The One Cup Project turns coffee purchases into life-giving aid

As the saying goes: a penny saved is a penny earned. But in One Cup Coffee Co.’s book, a dollar spent on coffee is a dollar given to others. Read more...

Feeding Cards: a family business that feeds families in need

In 2013, after a mission trip with their church to South Africa, the Oelkers family—Blaine, Beth, and daughter Kaitlyn—returned deeply moved by the poverty they’d seen. Read more...

Become a Cause Marketing or Retail Partner

Note: There are two ways you can enter into a cause marketing relationship with World Vision.  Please choose the option most appropriate for you. Read our Cause Marketing Guidelines above before filling out either form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

Cause Marketing Guidelines

Please read these guidelines before contacting us with a proposal.


Option 1 - Proud Supporter of World Vision

If your desire is to simply declare that you are a proud supporter of World Vision with no reference to a specific program of our work nor specific dollars or percent of proceeds to be given, you may click on the link below, sign the online agreement, and the appropriate logo will come up for you to download. An essential element of merely being a “proud supporter of World Vision” is that your customers are not led to believe that their purchase will benefit World Vision.

Fill the form

Option 2 - Charitable Sales Promotion

If you wish to enter into a cause marketing agreement where you would choose to specify a percent of sale or dollar amount per sale then please click on the link below and complete the form so that we may respond to you to discuss details and requirements as this is a highly regulated area.

Fill the form

Have questions? We’ve got answers!

Our guidelines are outlined in this document. If you think a partnership opportunity is right for you, fill out our contact form! We look forward to hearing from you.

Here are a few examples:

  • aaharrison ceramics: AAHarison Ceramics is a small ceramics manufacturer that focuses on handmade, one-of-a-kind functional pottery and fine art. This is a cause marketing promotion focused on selling “a million birds of hope.” Each ceramic bird will be numbered for sale, and 50% of the retail price will benefit World Vision’s work on gender equality for women and girls. The business model seeks to use social media to share this vision with the objective launching a viral campaign.
  • BelieveTek: BelieveTek provides faith-based technology products and accessories, such as computer keyboards, mice, phone cases, speakers, and headphones. Believetek will donate 5% of each product’s purchase price toward World Vision’s work with Christian witness.
  • Stroho: Stroho is an e-commerce company that delivers heating and air conditioning air filters on a subscription basis, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Customers have the opportunity to “opt in” at checkout for Stroho to donate $15.00 to World Vision. The customer’s basket total amount remains unchanged whether they opt in or decline. Funds will be designated toward World Vision’s health sector work.
  • Feeding Cards: Feeding Cards is an online greeting card company focused on selling greeting cards that benefit providing nutritious meals to children. Through this partnership, World Vision will receive a minimum of 30% for each package of greeting cards sold.
  • One Cup Coffee: Every $12 bag of coffee purchased sends a $2 donation to World Vision, which is then multiplied 5.5x by matching grant partners (USAID and other organizations), which means that $12 will fund World Vision’s development work in Africa.

“As a social business, Camano Island Management searched for a global not-for-profit partner whose mission aligned with our business model, to serve the people in developing nations and in the U.S. We found that partner in World Vision. We are proud to be associated with an organization that understands the needs of a for-profit business.”

—Jeff Ericson, founder, Camano Island Management